Chain cutting setup?

Can anyone tell me how to get chain cutting going please?

I have a sheet with two very large washers on it - i cut the inside holes first on one layer then cut the outsides, put the end/start adjacent to each other and set a max chain length of 100mm - the gap is only about 50mm., I was expecting the lead out and lead in to chain but nothing happens?

Is there a specific setup that must be followed?

This is on a plasma cutter.


Hmm, seems like it does work but is not shown on screen??

I tried a simulation and the chain link popped up, come out of sim and it disappears - is that normal?

Are the two washers separate parts or are they on the same drawing? If they are separate parts you will only see the chaining in nesting mode. This is because normally only the tool paths for the current part are shown.

Yes, same part but imported twice.

That would explain it then, thanks