Chain cutting question

When I duplicate parts the chain cutting doesn’t seem to work but when the part is copied it will connect them fine. Is this the way it’s supposed to work? Or am I missing something!

Thanks, Steve

I just ran some tests in SheetCam and duplicates appeared to work. Could you post the job file that demonstrates the problem.

Hi Les, 1st part is the original and it doesn’t chain to it’s duplicate. I copied the part and made a copy of it and it will chain those two.
It seems like it used to work but I don’t know if I have changed something or what…

Thanks again, Steve
.500 link.job (16.5 KB)

Huh. The problem shows up in both dev and stable, so it’s been there for a long time. I will investigate further. Thanks for letting me know about this.

Hi Les,
Thought I’d add a couple more things. In version 6-1-50 when I post a job with the plasma1 post modified for flame cutting and have chain cutting enabled, (will only chain cut to a copied part (hint, hint!)) when it moves to the second part it is adding the preheat cycle to the operation. Needless to say this causes a bit of a problem!
I still have version 6-1-20 that I use for flame cutting and it functions correctly for both chain cutting a duplicate part and the pre-heating a second part problem.
Thanks, Steve
6x6 14 ea.tap (1.32 KB)

Have you had a chance to look at this one yet Les? :sunglasses:
Thanks, Steve

I have fixed duplicate chaining for the next release. I can’t see anything obviously wrong with preheat. Could you let me have a copy of your post.

Thanks Les, here it is.

2 FLAME SCREEN preheat.scpost (3.78 KB)

I just tested using the job you posted. I deleted the duplicated outlines so i just had the chained parts. I only get one preheat cycle at the start of cutting. Here is the code for the transition between the two parts

N0210 G01 X414.5882
N0220 G03 X415.4681 Y9.4920 I0.0000 J1.0160
N0230 X415.4681 Y112.1080 I-88.8681 J51.3080
N0240 G01 X418.2177 Y113.6955
N0250 (Part: Copy of  Copy of  .500 link)
N0260 X238.6118 Y131.2840
N0270 Y143.9840
N0280 X414.5882
N0290 G03 X415.4681 Y144.4920 I0.0000 J1.0160
N0300 X415.4681 Y247.1080 I-88.8681 J51.3080

Hmm… not sure I follow you there. Were the parts duplicated and chained?

The parts were copied and chained. I used your example job and just deleted teh duplicated parts. I cannot replicate the issue you describe where you get a preheat cycle on a chained cut.

I’ll do a bit more testing here and see if I can narrow it down.
Thanks, Steve

Hi Les, just wondering if you have that next release ready yet? I have a rather tedious work around but it’s better than nothing! :slight_smile:
Thanks, Steve

I have been working on a new path planner for SheetCam, which has taken far longer than I expected. I have uploaded a test version of SheetCam
This version will install independently of your current installation so you will need to install your license file and copy across your settings.
Be vigilant about the tool paths. I have done a lot of testing but it is still possible that there are bugs in the path planner.

Thank you Les.
Just downloaded it and I’ll test it later today. As usual, I expect great things!


And as usual… I’m not disappointed.
Looks to be working right, so nice to have chain cutting on duplicates back!

Thanks again for your willingness to to make a good program GREAT!


Hi Les,
Either I have set something up wrong or it’s still not quite right. The chain cutting tool path works with both copied and duplicated parts now but… It adds a pre-heat cycle to the tool path using a flame post and it adds a reference move when using the CandCTHC post. I have experimented with different posts but I can’t seem to get it to leave them out.
I’ve attached a file with two parts chained together, on line 690 it has added the G28.1 reference move. Hope this helps!

Thanks again Les!
.250 chain tooth long.tap (2.82 KB)

I found the problem. It will be fixed in the next release.

Thank you!

Hi Les, not to be a pest… but how’s the next release coming? :smiley:

Thanks, Steve