Center torch to hole center and burn from center?

OK, I want to burn a hole in a piece I already have cut. I want to mark out the center of the hole and line up the torch with that center and start the cut from there. So, say it’s a 16" hole and i place my torch over the center. From there I want the torch to then move 8" to the edge of the hole and lead in to start the cut. Is there some setting somewhere that does this? Everything that I’ve tried starts from the corner and then moves over.

In the Sheetcam options → Job options → Material, you can select the origin point. Lower left, Center, Upper Right, etc. If you picked the center, then the torch would start from the material center, then go to the circle edge and start cutting. You would still want to line up the material so the lower left corner is at 0,0.
Or you could enter a manual command for the torch to move to the center, in your case x8y8, then align the center of your material under the torch, then run the g code to cut your circle. (you would probably want to add a little to that move, so the torch stays a little bit away from the material edge)


Ok thank you. I’ll give that a try.

You can also use the align tool. Move the torch to the hole center position and make a note of the machine coordinates. In SheetCam select Mode->align. Click on the centre of the hole. A box will now appear for you to enter the new coordinates for that point. When you click OK the drawing will be moved so that the point you selected now has the coordinates you entered.