Cant open sheetcam

Tried installing update and now cant access sheetcam at all. uninstalling and reinstalling doesnt help

Same thing happened to me. I got an error trying to install the update related to missing wxmsw314u_vc_custom.dll. I was able to reinstall it one time without errors but the same thing happened again upon trying to apply the update again. Wasn’t able to reinstall again without errors, but was able to finish by hitting the ignore button each time an error popped up.


I think the reinstall errors were related to my OS still having files open. I waited about 10 minutes and tried the reinstall again and it ran normally without any errors.

I didn’t try to install the update again because the file it said is missing is clearly visible in the program folder.

I found that Sheetcam is leaving files and folders locked due to a process, BugsplatHD64.exe, and you can try going into Task Manager and manually killing any of those processes before applying the update.

I downloaded the newest stable version of Sheetcam to my pc, uninstalled Sheetcam (keeping my existing settings) and then installed the latest version. That worked for me.

I did a bit of hunting and apparently Bugsplat is a crash tracking utility that is used by some games. I’m not sure why it would be messing with SheetCam though.

It’s apparently a part of Vectric Cut2D and it’s keeping files and folders locked.

Since I often have both Cut2D and Sheetcam open at the same time as I edit drawings and then try to create cutting jobs for them, it’s likely that some of the same folders are in play and Bugsplat has got them locked.

ETA: I contacted Vectric about this issue and after an extensive search for drivers that they knew caused a similar issue (none were found on my system) they’re unsure of the cause and are looking into it. Since Bugsplat is part of a non-essential gee whiz feature, for now I renamed that .exe and it doesn’t load.