Cannot add "new part" to sheet

Hi! I’ve been using SheetCam for a while, and I’ve always been able to add a part, but the other day when the box popped up saying “Do you wish to add a new part?” I inadvertently checked the box saying “Do not ask me this again”. Now, I can’t add a new part at all. I can import drawings, but I can’t nest the sheet that way. Any help on getting the “new part” option back?? Thanks in advance!!

You are probably well sorted by now, but just in case.
Try the quick load plugin as well for setting up new parts, it’s a good timesaver!

In one of the options under the menu it has a box that shows the annoying dialogs that you said you don’t want to see. You should be able to clear it from there. Sorry to be so vague on the location. I’m at work and SheetCam is at home. If you can’t find it, I’ll post back when I get home.