Can Sheetcam do this with X, Y and Z?

Can sheetcam make something like this? If it could alter the z while cutting the 1.363 OD, that would work. I assume it would have a funky corner at that lip but for my application, that would be OK. If it makes a difference with would be on a mill running MACH3.

I can’t think of any way to do that flange with SheetCam.
If this is for a one or two off job, would it be practical to weld the flange on?

It will be aluminum and my al welding skills are poor at best. Maybe a press fit?

I spent some more time and it looks like Mach3 can do this on its own. I used the thread milling wizard to create the helical interpolation. The cut down diameter can be the minimum thread diameter and the angle can be converted to TPI. Using a standard end mill, a right had thread and left hand thread can be cut. The cuts start at the bottom so the low points should match. It looks good running in air.