Can run test but machine doesn't penatrate

Company work for recently got a esprit plasma table running a burny 2.5 control unit. I believe tech from esprit set the burny 2.5 unit to use ESSI encoding. This can be changed to word encoding…

We can transfer a program from sheetcam to the machine successfully. If I try set the machine option in sheetcam to one of the burny 2.5 options such as burny 2.5 abs reviewing the output file in notepad it looks like what I believe is word encoding. Trying to transfer this to the machine seems cause the machine(burny 2.5) to hang mid transfer. I then found a ESSI option. The output of this file looks different in notepad.

This seems to successfully transfer to the machine 99% of the time. On the odd time it doesn’t just a matter following the upload procedure on machine and sheetcam from the start. We have successfully run test runs (purposely not penatrating). We then tried to run an actual penatrating test but the plasma isn’t turning on.

We contacted the Co that serviced machine who suggested running one of the inbuilt shapes of the burny unit. This was successful in turning on the plasma.

This leads us to believe there is a setting somewhere that needs updating within sheetcam which will create code (ESSI) to tell the machine to turn the plasma on. I can provide the code from the output file on request which a simple smiley face.

Please advise any tips and tricks to resolve

If you intend to just use SheetCam to generate files to run your machine I’d recommend switching the Burny controller to use G-code (word mode). If you must use ESSI could you ask the people that supplied the machine for an example ESSI file that runs correctly. The problem is that there are different dialects of ESSI so I need to see an example to make sure I can provide a suitable post processor.

Les, how do I switch the Burny to G-code ?

I’m sorry but I have never used a Burny controller, so I don’t know. Hopefully the Burny manual should tell you.