can not save tool paths

I have not been able to save tool paths to cd , can some one help ? I get 1 error message ( unable to open output file ) . Thanks Bruce

CDs are read only so you cannot save to them directly. This applies to any Windows software. To write to a CD you need to save to the hard drive then use CD writer software to write to the CD.

Thanks , I am to take the tool paths to the machine now . Thanks again Bruce

I re-drew the part with an open path, imported it and went to contour it, I thought I had it figured, actually got a path, but it’s on the inside of the part rather than the outside, have tried changing “offset open path” and a few other things and am not making any progress.

Open contours are a special case when offsetting. Open paths are always offset to the right. Imigine you are stood on the start of the line, looking along it. The offset will always be to your right. To reverse the offset move the start point to the other end of the line. To do this go to Mode->edit start points. Now click on the opposite end of the line to the current start point.