can nest but cant get g code on multible parts

I can nest multible parts but after I post process I only have 2 parts in mach
please help

Do you have a cut operation set up for each part? Parts are completely independent of each other so you need to set up a cut operation for each one.

sorry I was not clear with my question. I’m trying to load 8 of the same part but only 2 and a part of a 3rd will show up in mach

Are you getting a warning that you have reached the evaluation limit? It sounds like you are in demo mode which limits the amoutn of g-code generated.

no have been using it since 2007 and have cut hundreds of parts. the guy that used to do the progaming is no longer available. is it possible the license needs to be maintained

In SheetCam, go to Help->about. Does it show that it is licensed? Do the same in Mach. Mach also has a similar limit.

ok, it says its unregistered. How do I get it registered

If you still have the original confirmation email it will contain a copy of your license and instructions on installing it. If not, send me a private message with the email address and the name of the person who purchased the license and I’ll get a copy sent off to you.