Bug? Multi-pass open paths not cutting beyond the first pass

When cutting paths with zero ramp in multiple passes, all open paths are cut incorrectly: the cutter plunges to the first-pass depth, makes the cut, then plunges to the second (etc) cut depth, then lifts, then goes to the next path. Only the first pass of each path is actually cut. The remainder are just point-plunged.

Also, if a non-zero ramp angle is specified, then only the first pass is cut correctly. The other passes are ended at the end of their ramp-slopes, instead of completing to the end of their paths. Again, only happens on open paths.

Reverse-open-paths is on.

Images attached of a 3-pass cut*

*This operation looks a bit weird as set up for the example, because normally this is set up with the 1st pass 2.999mm, to force the operation to do the same-depth “cut” twice-over (it happens to be with a biro pen and zero RPM). The error was spotted because the ink was a lot darker on the closed paths (letter O) than the open paths (letter L).



Sorry, I missed this post. Could you send me the job file (File->save job) with everything set up.

The ‘real’ job file is huge… several dozen operations. Here’s a slimmed-down example which should exhibit the problem. I can’t actually test that this example works because I’ve reverted to 6.1.45 for now.

Two test operations: one with ramp. One without. Results should look similar to the images in the original post, if the issue is correctly replicated by this example.


PS I think I’ve also seen another issue with v7.1.12: It loses “Pocket Type” setting.
To reproduce: Import a drawing with features drawn on layer “X”. Set up a Spiral-Pocket operation on layer “X”. Import a drawing that doesn’t contain layer “X”. Enable all operations and save the job. Then reload the original drawing (with layer “X” in it). Result: the Spiral Pocket operation has lost its “pocket type” and doesn’t get pocketed at all. Instead it is machined as an inside-offset cut.
I would try to replicate, to make sure, but I need to stick with 6.1.45 and crack on with some work. Sorry.
Test.job (19.4 KB)

I found it. The fault only occurs if you have ‘reverse open paths’ enabled. This will be fixed for the next release.

Thank you. Look forward to it.