Break up manually nested drawing

Hi Les,

Think there might be a slight problem with latest dev version when breaking up a dxf drawing, it’s always been fine with my output files, however it just started leaving some parts joined and wont break, thought it was my software but thought I’ll try going back a couple of versions to 7.1.24 and all is good again there, it was doing the same on my house pc last night as well.
File attached, must get going again now, thanks :laughing:
Nest 1.dxf (122 KB)

Just checking, did you find anything on that Les?

Oops, sorry about that. I’m looking into it now.

No problem at all, hope it’s easy enough for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed: break manually nested drawing. Hopefully this time everyone will be happy with it!

Yes no problems at all here thanks,

You have made some really good improvements recently, the new save behavior is a good one.
Program now loads a lot faster but I did also move the folder I store dxf files in, either way working great with quick load.
Adding line in shape library is a good one, great for sheet trims, I use the shape library a lot now.
Not even tried some new features, when crossing a cut rule sounds like a good one.
One thing I have only just sussed out is when printing I had deleted the printer icon from the toolbar and was just using file/print, doing it that way I was hardly getting the wire frame printout to show up, but have just found that putting the printer icon back on the toolbar, every time now wire frame shows up.

Thanks again for all the hard work.

I second that, I see no issues here. I am loving the break up drawings feature now! As Sean said, thank you for all of the hard work and unmatched exceptional customer service and a wonderful program!

Now if you can do something about this, I will be virtually out of stuff to gripe about lol.

  1. Default start point placement should be such that machine does not have to travel over a contour that has already been cut to move to the next contour. Currently it is on the wrong side. I have brought this up before here: >

That’s a tricky one. I’ll need to think on it.

That’s a tricky one. I’ll need to think on it.

You got this Les, you can do it!! You said when I asked about the breakup nested drawing issue a long time ago it would be a nightmare and you made it happen, I know you can do this too!!