Break apart file

I downloaded a dxf and it came in 6pcs to cut and are spread out apart from each other. Is there a way in sheetcam to break up or separate the pieces so that i can nest them close to one another? The overall actual size of the file is bigger than my 4x4 table. Still learning sheetcam just dont know if it can be broken up. Thanks for any help anyone can give.

Right click on part and select “Break up manually nested drawing”

Found it Thanks. Now is there a way to save it how i want it nested? So i dont have to break it up every time i load it in sheetcam.

If you save the job (File->save job) you wil lsave everything including your settings. If you want to turn it back into a dxf file set up a ‘no offset’ cut operation on the parts then use the dxf post processor. Note that if you are using any path rules you must disable them.

Good stuff got it now! I had tried this before and failed, it might save the day sometime :mrgreen: