Anything Better Than CorelDraw For Vector Graphics?

I have Corel X6. I’m using it to export .dxf files to SC. Is there a better program to export vector graphics into SC? I end up having to delete numerous (10-15) extra lines for ever entity in SC. Maybe there is a way to delete extra lines or hidden geometry in Corel… I would sure like to know how. I can’t begin to describe the ridiculous amount of time it takes to delete these duplicates only to find that SC still can’t do the operations needed. This requires going back to Corel to try to fix or modify things, sometimes as simple as moving an object ever so slightly then moving it back. When the exported “new” file is imported into SC, it may or may not work as far as the operations needed. If it does, then great! But if it doesn’t, then that means I just deleted tons of duplicates just to find out it won’t work and that I’m going to be doing this all over again. This is so time consuming and seems ridiculous. Some of the engraving jobs I do take over 3 hours for the machine to complete. So you can imagine the amount of time that has been spent deleting duplicates.

What am I missing?


If you’re using Sheetcam and Corel, try outputting in SVG vs DXF. That made a world of difference to me. I output in SVG exclusively.

Also are these files you created from scratch? Corel has a bad habit of creating duplicate lines on auto-traced files, or even some imported files (from other programs). You may actually have numerous line duplicates that you’re exporting into the file SC is looking at.


I use the smart fill tool in Corel a lot to make a “new copy” of the object. This insures that i have a clean image.

Say you draw a rectangle with a circle in the middle. I use smart fill on top of this object to make a new object usually using a different color so its easy to see. Then delete the original object. Hope that makes sense.