after parking returns to origin

Hello, this is my first question, after saying that Sheetcam is a super program.
Like in the title, after cutting the bridge goes to the parking position and then to the origin instead of staying in the parking position. I dont want to remove all x0 y0 in the g code program. There must be another, very simple way but I can’t find it, sorry.

Postprocessor:Mach3 with thc scriber

That post appears to have a parking move hard coded into it. Go to Options->machine->post processor and click on the ‘Edit post’ button. Look for function OnFinish. Replace it with this version:

function OnFinish()
   post.Text (" M05 M30\n")

Thanks a lot. I overlooked this one. With a program like sheetcam I knew it was something easy. Thanks a lot, it saves me a lot of time.