a few very useful suggestions

Hi Les,

I have been using sheetcam for a while now and decided to wait to ask for these features to be sure I really would use them and I believe they would be a major time saver / convenience.

  1. Show and step through G-code during simulation. Basically show what line and the code that is currently being executed during the simulation feature.

  2. Add a setting for overcut to be specified for each start point instead of only applied to all start points in the operation. It is very cumbersome for me to make several different operations based on the different overcut i desire. For example, on square corners i use 0 overcut and tangent lead-in/out. On holes and circular cuts, i use 0.1 overcut and perpendicular lead-in/out. On everything else i use arc lead-in/out.

  3. Some DXFs that were generated by NestFab with the mirror option enabled loads with the mirrored parts shown mirrored on the axis and thus way off the work piece/table.

I’m sure you have your hands full already, but these additions would be wonderful! or perhaps they already exist and i just cant find where.

Item 1 above would still be very useful to me if it is possible to do.
I have started using the development version and it does have an option to disable overcut, which is ok for what i needed. It would be nice to specify a individual parameter for overcut here, but not necessary.
My third item was posted in the wrong location and has since been found to not be a sheetCAM issue.