4th Axis

Good day,

I am thinking about making a separate tube notcher. i currently have a plasma table, but i want to use the same control box and plasma cutter (i have an extra torch for quick switch) for the pipe notcher. So i will replace the x-axis with the rotary.

Making it is not the problem, i am thinking mostly about how it all works out in sheetcam/mach3…

-What is the best way to get dxf files? Someone said make a flat pattern of a pipe, or are there other methods?
-When using different sizes of pipe, i think i need to callibrate the x-axis. the steps per 360 degrees is fixed, so than equal the steps (per 360) to the circumference etc etc.

I’ve read something about sheetcam rotary, that it will work in degrees, so it should replace the callibrating. do i need a new postprocessor for it? and will Sheetcam rotary make the importing of a drawing etc easier?

for the builders:

I want it to use it on pipes of max 150-200mm, and i want it to be 2m long. The chuck will be driven by a steppermotor with a gearbox. Any suggestions? i was thinking of using Nema34?

I have no answers to your question, but came to your thread because of my own questions. If you ever could capitalize some knowledge out of your research, I would be glad to learn of it.

As for me I am considering having a 4th axis as well fot tube plasma cutting, (with grbl mega5x hopeully, otherwise I may switch to linuxCNC), is not the issue the same,regardless the postporcessor ?

So did you have to calbrate in distance, or in rotation degrees ?