Selectable leads for small features.

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Selectable leads for small features.

Post by jmajorg » Sat Jun 20, 2020 6:59 pm

I use Sheetcam to program our lasers. Normally, I like to use arc leadins on profiles and larger holes. The arc lead in is less apt to create a gouge at the lead point. On the other hand, small holes and features seldom have enough room to be able to use the larger arcs that I want to use with profiles. Presently, I have to change the layer for the small holes and features so that I can use the same "tool" but with small perpendicular lines for leads.
In the path rules dialog, it mentions "On small shapes" and "On small holes". Since the logic is already available that can identify small features, would it be difficult to use it in the operation set up so that two lead in/lead out selections were available? One selection would be for normal situations and one would be available for features under a certain size. I would think that this would be a feature appreciated by a lot of jet operation users.

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Re: Selectable leads for small features.

Post by Les Newell » Mon Jun 22, 2020 4:07 pm

Path rules are applied after the tool paths are generated. Leadins are generated at the same time as the rest of the tool paths so it would not be easy to add rules for this. However SheetCam should automatically shrink leadins and leadouts if there is not enough room. If the space is too small it will give up and not use a leadin/leadout.

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