File name on part

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File name on part

Post by RayW » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:00 am

Is there a way the file name can appear directly onto the part once I insert it?
Eg.: I insert a new plate called 1062.dxf.
Can 1062 appear automatically on the part? (much like the dxf file - 1062 is on a layer called numeration. Can I show this layer?)

Also, after I complete nesting my parts, is there a way that a image file can be produced so that I can print it off for the operator to manually mark the plate names prior to removing them from the plasma table?

*note, we do not have a stamping/marking facility on our plasma table.
Marking is done manually, and I am trying to speed up the marking process.

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Re: File name on part

Post by LesNewell » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:26 pm

SheetCam can't automatically add text to your drawing based on the file name. It also won't display text in the dxf file. Text in dxf files is a nightmare. The DXF specification is pretty vague, especially where text is concerned. Every different CAD package author interpreted the docs differently so text exported from one cad package won't look the same when you import it into another. You can work around the problem by 'exploding' the text into lines and arcs. Most CAD packages have a way of breaking up text.

You can create an image of the sheet using File->print.

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