Drawing import tab guidelines

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Drawing import tab guidelines

Post by motoguy » Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:20 pm

I've been having issues with Sheetcam creating loops/overlaps on imported drawings. I create drawings in Corel 2017, join curves, reduce nodes, make sure paths are closed, etc. The drawings look fine in Corel. Still, sometimes Sheetcam will create overlaps on corners, etc. I can play with some of the settings in the "Drawing Import" tab, and it will help with some of these issues. That is expected, as that is part of the issue Sheetcam has to deal with is dxf export from a variety of sources.

My direct question is, what are some good "drawing import tab" guidelines (in my case, for plasma cutting)? I've typically left it with the default settings (measured in single-digit thousandths). In the manual it's suggested that "Max detail reduction error" can be as high as 0.020" for Plasma. What would be real-world suggestions for the other settings? With (good) air plasma tolerances being in the 0.015" range, should I use that number in all my values?

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Re: Drawing import tab guidelines

Post by Les Newell » Mon Jul 09, 2018 1:18 pm

I'd suggest using something like 0.010 for the detail reduction with up to twice that for the arc fitting tolerance. I'd keep the link tolerance pretty small, say 0.001" - 0.002"
SheetCam should not be able to create overlaps. Generally if you have overlapping outlines they will be in your drawing. Could you post a job file and drawing that demonstrate the loops issue.

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