Min Cut Length for DTHC question

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Min Cut Length for DTHC question

Post by motoguy » Fri Apr 27, 2018 5:21 pm

Does this rule only apply to the cut line/geometry as a whole, or can it switch on mid-cut?

If I have a 40" circle, but I only want the DTHC to turn on after the .5" leadin, can I set "Min Cut Length for DTHC" to 2", so that it will go beyond the lead-in, and get into the geometry before activating THC? Or will it see that the overall cut length is 40", and therefore ignore the min cut length and start THC after the DTHC delay period?

If the latter, what would be some ways of getting the THC to activate only after the .5" leading (when it is actually on the part geometry)?

Disable THC via the "min cut length" rule, and THEN create a "THC on" action point just past the lead-in?
Set the THC delay to some big number (10 seconds), and then activate with an action point?

I'm curious which action will take priority.

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Re: Min Cut Length for DTHC question

Post by djreiswig » Sat Apr 28, 2018 12:56 am

I understand the min cut length refers to the entire piece of geometry. Like a whole circle. If the perimeter of the circle is less than the minimum including the leads then it isn't activated.
Can you just make the delay long enough so at the cut speed it won't turn on until after the lead-in. If you use a lead-in length based on material thickness then it should be somewhat consistent.
If the lead-ins could be saved with the tool instead of having to be changed in the operation it would even be simpler. I don't know why they're not. I've asked Les but never got a clear answer.

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