V4.1.4 released

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V4.1.4 released

Post by Les Newell » Fri Dec 01, 2006 4:29 pm

Hi all,

I have just uploaded V4.1.4 to <www.sheetcam.com>. This release has a lot of changes. Big chunks of the part memory allocation code have been rewritten. This drastically speeds up part creation (array is now more than 20x faster) but it may have introduced some bugs. Use this release with care! There are some more big changes in the pipeline so SheetCam could get a little unstable for a little while until the bugs are stomped on.

Fixed: Disabling a part also disables it's duplicates
Fixed: Long lines in notes and g-code getting split onto more than one line
Added: fileclosed() event to post processor. This could be used to trigger an external application such as DNC or to automatically run a g-code verification tool such as Cutviewer.
Added: Automatic duplicate line removal
Changed: When loading a multi-part job, now zooms to whole job
Added: Multi select in move part mode. You can now move, duplicate, copy multiple parts at once.
Added: Pressing delete while in move part mode deletes the seleccted parts
Changed: Drastically improved memory allocation and speed when creating parts. This makes array much faster and uses less memory.
Fixed: Ignoring start depth when warning if cut depth is greater than tool length
Fixed: Paths of duplicates not being regenerated if original part is disabled
Fixed: Sometimes starting at the wrong point if a leadout is used without a leadin
Added: drillstart() and drillend() post processor events


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