V4.1.3 released

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V4.1.3 released

Post by Les Newell » Mon Nov 13, 2006 5:03 pm

Hi all,

I have just uploaded V4.1.3 to www.sheetcam.com. This release contains the following changes:

Fixed: DXF circles sometimes mirrored about X (Z extrusion ignored)
Fixed: New tap process visible when in plasma only mode
Fixed: New drill process not visible when in plasma only mode
Fixed: Incorrect outlines displayed when switching between parts
Fixed: Part names defaulting to 'Untitled' when reloading a job
Added: Cutting rules in 'Cut path' tab

The cutting rules replace 'Ignore inside/outside rules'. You now have 3 options:
All inside first - All inside shapes are cut first then all outside shapes.
Shortest path - All shapes are cut with the shortest slew between them. All inside/outside rules are ignored.
Keep parts together - If your drawing contains multiple nested parts then each part is cut out completely before moving on to the next part. Each part is cut from the inside out.


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