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Conversational SheetCam

Post by Vmax549 » Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:23 pm

I have been loking into doing a new plugin for SheetCam that will aloow you to draw a shape in SheetCam directly from a command line input. After the shape is complete you would process it with standard Scam operations to create a working gcode file to produce that part.

From a window you would type in Gcode commands one line at a time such as

G0 X0 Y0 which would GOTO the coordinates X0 Y0
PUSH update button
G1 X1 Y0 Create a LINE from teh last point to the listed coords
Push update button
G1 X1 Y1 Create Line
Push update button
G1 X0Y1 Create line
Push update button
G1 X0 Y0
Push update button

after each line is entered and you push the update button Scam will update the screen and SHOW you what you just added. In this case it will show you each line as it is added to the shape. The end results will be a Square 1x1

You would program it using Gcode words so it has some benifits as you become familar with Gcode words and how they are used. You basicaly only use

Rapid G0 {Goto}
Line G1 {Line}
ArcL G2 {Arc to the left}
ArcR G3 {Arc to the Right}
Circle G2/3 {circle at center point}

This would allow you to take a simple part drawing and create it in Scam without Cam. You take the drawing and start form a starting point then create ALL of the elements of the part(shape). After the shape is complete you process the part as you normally would in Scam.

You could draw (create) the shape in either abs OR Inc mode depending on HOW the part is drawn up and dimensioned. Or even a combination of the different modes

SO what do yall think ?? Is a conversational drawing package needed in

I have Tested the procees in Scam manually and it works VERY well.

Just a thought, (;-) TP

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