Z Axis not working with Proma THC

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Z Axis not working with Proma THC

Post by Cem » Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:34 am

Hi Everybody,

I know this is my first post. But I'm following this forum for a long time. (years)

My question is if anyone knows, I connected proma thc on my plasma machine with hypertherm 85 and usb card. Using Mach3 program and I'm sure my connection is true.

But check it pls:

As you see proma thc is working with that connection. Voltage going in and out from it. But my Z axis is not working as up/down. What I'm doing wrong ?

Should I use external plugin for this ?
I want to set it up once for all cuts. I don't want to set it up everytime..
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Post by robertspark » Sun Oct 04, 2015 8:18 am

The problem may be that the USB break out board is not able to do THC...

Unfortunately THC is not done in Mach, but within the parallel port driver or external motion controller, hence its internal code needs to be written to accept THC OK, up and down commands.

I presume you have gone for the standard proma THC and not the SD variant?

Both will require a fair bit of tuning relative to your z axis speed at instant acceleration and deceleration, plus your torch ampage relative to what you are cutting (indirectly your cut speed).

They sell in volume, but you will probably want something better if you want a better cut quality and are doing it for more than a hobby or are doing artwork (but then mcode delays come into play too, where m10/m11 will not have motion pauses but again are handled by the parallel port driver or motion controller driver internally)


Edit: you are running a hyperthem 85, I'd suggest a better THC and breakout board as you have a very good machine there and cut quality may be more likely compromised by lower market components. (USB does not like noise but lucky for you the hyperthem uses blowback start and not pure HF which the USB won't be happy with)

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