Turning THC on and off

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Turning THC on and off

Post by birdog357 » Mon Dec 28, 2020 8:18 pm

Hi all,
I'm starting to learn to use this stuff so if you assume I know nothing you're probably not far off, so please bear with me.

That said, I am a CAD drafter so designing the parts is nothing for me. I have figured out how to get them into Sheetcam and then to get Mach3 to cut them.

What I'm looking to learn is how to get Sheetcam to program Mach 3 to turn off the THC when using a certain tool( a drastically reduced feedrate) so that I can get more accurate and less beveled holes in thick material. I then want the THC turned back on when I switch to my normal feed rate tool for cutting the outer profile.

I have seen reference to a subroutine that needs to be installed into Mach3 and that you somehow need to get Sheetcam to call that subroutine. This is the part I need help with.

Wright CNC plasma table
Proma THC
Sheetcam 6.0.28

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