Cut path direction changes despite operations are set to "Manual optimisation""

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Cut path direction changes despite operations are set to "Manual optimisation""

Post by EyeCular » Mon Aug 24, 2020 11:50 am

Hi Les,

We have a product which we produce in several different versions and sizes for our different customers. For each version of our product we have made a specific generic and parametric drawing in SolidWorks (SW), with a list of all the necessary customer specific parameters. We also have a SheetCam (SC) template, which is optimized for our use, meaning among others, that all cut directions are defined and optimized for each operation.

To give you an idea of the complexity, I can say we have: 50 – 70 layers in the SW drawing, 3 SC files per SW file, and a total number of operations in the SC files off +150 per product. In general this works super well, we are very happy about this setup!

Our manufacturing process is as follows: 1. Customer specific measurement agreed upon with the customer. 2. Customer specific SW file generated based on the generic drawing. 3. Customer specific DXF file exported from SW. 4. Customer specific SC file generated based on the SC template and the customer specific DXF file. 5. Correction of the cut path direction, of a lot of the operations in SC.

It is the last step, we would be really glad to eliminate. It is time consuming and the risk of errors are present.
The generic SW drawing contains, as mentioned a lot of layers and in each layers a lot of lines. But the lines and layers does not change form customer to customer. Only the length of the lines change. Still even though all our operations are set to manual optimization, the cut direction changes / my optimized directions are lost, when uploading a customer specific DXF to the SC template file.

Would it be possible for me or you, to make any change, so the problem could be eliminated?

I have attached a simple example: Job file “test 1” with optimized paths. DXF file “test 2” with the very same layers and lines, but different dimension. Job fil “test 2” where the DXF file has been uploaded to the job file “test 1” and the job file “test 2”. It is apparent that our manual optimized cut directions has changed.

BR. Martin
test 2.job
new job file, all optimised cut directions are lost
(11.35 KiB) Downloaded 37 times
test 2.DXF
New "customer specific" file
(61.75 KiB) Downloaded 33 times
test 1.job
Original file, with optimised cut directions
(11.35 KiB) Downloaded 30 times

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