Plasma to Router Conversion

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Mr. Fixit
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Plasma to Router Conversion

Post by Mr. Fixit » Mon Jul 20, 2020 4:51 pm

Hi All,

I am nearing completion of my router setup on my plasma table. I am wondering if I can get some direction as to how to do a homing X, Y & Z probe and offset by way of running a g-code.

I am running Command CNC Bladerunner and currently have a home switch for X & Y with a floating Z home switch, all of which work perfectly for the plasma setup by homing each of the axes separately.

I have seen some videos wherein a keystroke seems to execute all of the axes homing and offsetting in succession to and against an aluminum plate wired in somehow.

I also wonder if I can use, extend and combine the same wires that go to the 3 home switches for the purpose of the router homing, with the bit grounded as most do in the various videos that I have seen.

With all of that stated, I am not sure if all of this questioning is appropriate on this forum, but if not, please direct me.

Thank you,


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