Cheap SheetCam licenses - Beware!

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Cheap SheetCam licenses - Beware!

Post by Les Newell » Thu Dec 19, 2019 4:06 pm

Beware of any sellers selling SheetCam at suspiciously low prices. There are adverts appearing on social media for licenses at very low prices. These are pirates and the licenses won't work properly. In many cases you also get a free bonus virus with each copy

Unfortunately a lot of people have been taken in by these scammers. It is very difficult for me to do anything about them because they are like mushrooms. They appear overnight and if you do get them shut down they just sprout up somewhere else.

If you suspect your license may be dodgy, go to Help->about. The license should be in your name. If you have any of these license serial numbers, I would recommend that you invest in a good anti virus package:
Four Tech CNC

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