Price sheetcam to machine homemade, and nation poor

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Price sheetcam to machine homemade, and nation poor

Post by » Thu Jul 28, 2016 3:14 pm

i know are post it hard, but lets go.

Price sheet cam in England 110,00 = 144$ dolar americans

In England, person work 10 hours and buy sheet cam software.
In Brazil person work 1,33 $/hour.... more or less, need work 15 days to buy an software SheetCam.

Never an constructor of machine plasma/router homemade go buy an software original here. Is too hard to an small company.

Of course is beathfull work 10 hour and buy software original and new.

My suggestion is have an politic to constructor homemade, students, teacher, small company, person intusiast, and to nation poor...

To developer, is very hard hear your great software sell by 30 dollar.... but with it price, sell increasy a lot.

Lets shared the know, lets shared to all grow together.

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