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Post by Leeway » Tue Apr 21, 2015 2:44 pm

I usually just draw the exact pockets I want to cut regardless of the part. I draw the stock size. Then overlay hole placement and pockets. Sometimes multiple pockets.
It works pretty well that way.
Lee Styron
Leeway Workshop, LLC
On 4/21/2015 9:09 AM, Brian Lamb ( [sheetcam] wrote:
I think if you use the overcut feature you will end up with all four corners getting divots in them. I would just redraw the pocket in your DXF file to be extended out to the side to give the cut you want.
Brian Lamb (

On Apr 21, 2015, at 6:31 AM, 'benezan' ( [sheetcam] < (> wrote:


I'm still using the old version of sheetcam and have never updated to TNG since the parts I make have always been very simple, until now.

This time I have to make several parts with an "open pocket", that means the outer contour of the part and the pocket overlap. (see picture)

The green rectangle is the part outline. The red one is the pocket as in the original drawing. If I machine a pocket in the usual way it will look like the yellow. What I actually like to have is the blue contour. It should overcut the part outline by at least half the cutter diameter to make the pocket fully open instead of leaving two arced corners.

In the old version there already was an "overcut corners" feature. I've read there is also a new overcut feature in the TNG version. Is it what I want or something different?

Of course if it was only one part I could manually modify the drawing. But it gets annyoing if you have to do it often. Would be a reason for updrading...


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