Zeroing questions......

I am not finding much information on how to locate the material or change where the tool starts from, can someone direct me to that information? New too cnc’ing so this may be am ready question to some but its got me stumped…



There are lots of ways to do this. It does depend very much on the application. You need to decide where to put the origin (X=0 ,Y=0). For instance if you do a lot of panel work the obvious place for the origin is the bottom left hand corner of the panel. If you use a vice then you may want to use the fixed jaw of the vice as the origin in one axis. The usual convention for the Z axis is that Z=0 is the top surface of the work.

Most machines gave the option so set the origin point. For instance in Mach3 you have buttons to zero each axis. Simply jog to your zero point and zero the axis.

When you load a drawing in SheetCam it gives some options for the origin point. The drawing will be automatically aligned to your selection. Within SheetCam you can move the part around by entering values in the boxes at the bottom of the main graphics window or you can grab hold of the part with your mouse and move it using nesting mode. However you do it, 0,0 in SheetCam will be 0,0 on your machine. As long as the two coincide your part will be cut in the right place.