I use a program to cut vinyl, it allows me to cut “What you see is what you get”.
I can position the knife where I want, zero the machine and it will cut from that starting point. It has no idea where the vinyl is or the edges or anything like that.

I would like to know if sheet cam and linux cnc will allow this. I keep getting a warning that I am outside the x or y limits.

Can someone offer suggestions?
Much appreciated.

Got it figured. Use the nesting button and move the design around so that it does leaves clearance on the x an y axis. Then run post. I think my problem might be that I design things and then import them as svg, this does not position as I think they do.


When you import your drawing a box pops up with a number of options, including the drawing placement. Try ‘Drawing origin’. This tries to keep the origin as you drew it. Different cad packages handle the origin in different ways so this may not do what you expect.

Thanks Les,
I did play with those settings. When I import I have been doing it as a svg file, Your sheetcam does an awesome job! I have had the drawing end up in all sorts of places depending on where I drew the picture in the first program. Easiest is to drag it around in Sheetcam and watch the numbers in the bottom left to make sure that it ends up on the positive side of x and y. Slowly figuring it all out! I have also mostly figured out the Probotics SD I plan on posting about that one with some pointers. There is nothing useful in their instruction book.


I must be really slow. I finally figured out that the instructions are misleading regarding the H_U setting. I put the setting between the start and the cut arc, close to the start voltage. Now I finally get activation of the THC. My next issue is that the computer cannot “see” the torch tip, I set it manually for each new design. The computer does not know where the THC left the tip and tends to run it into the metal after a couple cuts. I understand now why automatic indexing the tip to the surface is such a good idea.