When is a circle not a circle?

Hi all

I designed a job in Illustrator but the “circles” path rule did not recognise the small circles in it.

I changed to “Small Shapes” and it worked but why would Sheetcam not recognise the circles?


In your drawing do the circles have a small blue cross in the centre?

I think they do, dwg is at home but it sounds familiar.


Seems to work ok here Dave, I exported as dxf using Illustrator, 20mm and 35mm holes there.

Those little crosses indicate the centre of the circle. If they are missing, SheetCam isn’t recognizing the circles. In that case increasing the circle recognition limit in Options->application options->drawign import may well fix the issue. You would need to reload your drawing to see the effect.

The circles have little white crosses in them.

Hmm, that’s odd. Could you send me a copy of the job file.

File attached

I downloaded your file into my Sheetcam, and it worked ok for me. My circle recognition limit is set at 0.0079.


Did you try the circle cut path rule??

“Small shapes” is ok but “circles smaller than” did not work

I just cheked here and it works for me. I changed your small shapes rule to a small circles rule and it slows down for the small circles. Note that the leadin and leadout are not slowed down because they are not circles.

Ok, thanks for that, I will re-try it this weekend.