What is the narrowest gap?


Im just getting familiar with the plasma cutting and planning to build my own. I`d like to cut off keychains and therefore a question came up which is what is the narrowest/smallest gap that I can make by sheetcam? In my plans sometimes I want to make 0.6mm wide gap on a 1mm thick plate. Probably it has a lot to do with kerf width and plasma tip. (In my setup I want to use Trafimet torch with 0.6mm nozzle and a setup from candcnc) I tried to read after about “kerf width” setting in SheetCam but (probably because Im newbie) I couldnt find proper description just this “Draw your part the size you want and let SheetCam work out where to run the torch.”. Am I able to set up my expected kerf width on a plate or I should make a precut, messure it and type the result In SheetCam? How does it work?

Thanks for any help or opinion.

Kerf width is dependent on many variables. The best way is to make a simple straight line cut on a piece of scrap of the correct thickness and measure it. Note that as the nozzle wears the kerf width will increase. Depending on how accurate your work needs to be you may only need to do this once.

SheetCam won’t let you cut into a gap that is narrower than the kerf width. If you want to cut the narrowest slot possible then use a simple line to mark the center of the cut and use ‘no offset’. Note that the line now has to markt he center line of the cut instaed of the edge. With ‘inside offset’ or ‘outside offset’ you draw the edge of the cut.

Thanks for your answer Les!