V Carve Z issues

Hi All

I am working on a rather involved V carving project - 111,000 lines of code for 1/3 of it.

I’m using a v carve setup with a max depth of cut at 0.500.

For some reason all the Z values are positive rather than negative except one line where Z goes to -0.500.

Any ideas?

Are you: using a tool length offset?
Tool length offset is added to the output code z values.

Hi Les

I double checked and there is no tool length offset.

Even if there was, that wouldn’t explain the one line of Z-0.500 while the rest are all positive.

Could you send me the job file (file->save job). That way I can see exactly what is going on.

That took a little time to figure out. You have a very large tip diameter. In other words you have defined a cutter with a very large flat on teh bottom. The V carving toolpaths are calculated on a perfectly pointed tool with the tip projected from your tool.