Using drill function for all pierces

Hey guys I need some assistance setting this up…

I have heard of some people doing all of their pierce points on thicker metal with old consumables first, that way they can go through and scrape the slag at the pierces before they run the cuts. This would help me tremendously as I’m starting to cut thicker stuff. I know round about how the drill function works, but how would you guys go about setting this up???

I tried putting a small (1/8”) holes at the center of every pierce point but then I have to get the lead in perfectly where the start is in the center of the hole. I also tried putting points on the drawing but again then I have to make sure the lead in is perfectly starting at that point. Any suggestions?

Currently SheetCam does not have a good way of doing that. The only reliable solution is to use a custom post processor that just pierces and ignores the outlines. You’d then have to switch to your normal post to cut.