tool type variable issue

hi and modifying my post processor to use a tool number (it will be used later to set a height offset)

i have this line

post.DefineCustomToolParam(“PlasmaTool”, “Tool type”, “toolType”, sc.unit0DECPLACE, 1, 1, 4)

but no matter how i try and access the toolType value it always comes out as 3

when setting up the tools there is a tool type input that can be set from 1-4 with the line above(it saves as any number from 1-4 so that’s correct) , but cannot get any other value than 3 when code is posted…

cheers for your help

Explain if you like in detail what exactly you are trying to do by editing the postprocessor. What exactly function are you trying to get.

Need post processor to set t2 or a t3 m06 then g43 h2 or h3
T2 h2 would be for my fine cut height offset
T3 h3 would be for normal consumables

Line above allow for a tool type number to be set for each tool from 1-4 but when I call the tool type variable it sets to 3 only.
This is the number for a plasma tool in the documentation seems to be a bug in there somewhere

I have a work around by setting a post variable from within sheetcam and then an if statement in the post but if I forget to add this variable when I setup the operations I can cause the torch to crash from wrong offset

I have a swifty table running mach4 which sets the torch tip height then fine cuts are offset from that in the post

Not sure if that has made it any clearer lol

I can’t understand you. What is the point of setting the height of the tool? Are you saying that you do not probe the height of the material with G31Z- ~ G92 Z0? Because if you do, you do not need anything else.

If I remember correctly Swiftcut machines use a magnetic proximity sensor instead of using the torch tip. The sensor is independently mounted so any change in consumable length needs to be compensated for. I like this system is it is completely non contact which is great for HVAC and other thin sheet applications. I have something similar on my own machine.

I can’t see anything obviously wrong with your DefineCustomToolParam line. Try restarting SheetCam. You can sometimes get problems when adding a new DefineCustomToolParam line. Restarting SheetCam should fix it.

Then it will be very interesting - HVAC Plasma which has no roller ball plate rider torch height control.In them, the drive of Z is with a pneumatic cylinder.Then will the cutting of 0.5 mm sheet metal be monitored by voltage?!?!?

Restarted it many times I can’t get any other value than 3

ok i have it set another way now as i have used the thickness variable to set this up

if (thickness <= 4) then
t = 2
else t = 3
post.Text (" (“, toolName, “)\n”)
post.Text (” T")
post.Number (t, “0”)
post.Text(" M06\n")
–modalnumber(" F",feedrate * scale,“0.#”)
post.Text (" G43 H", t, “\n”)

Had real issues trying to use set post processor variable in the operations tab to do this wouldn’t let me compare the value guess was using it wrong???

Could you send me the post processor and an example job file. I’d like to see what is going on here.

Yip will find my files and send when back in workshop cheers