tool number

Leave it to me to have an off the wall problem. I do not have a tool list on my table/pc. When I use a dxf file on sheetcam it has always generated a tool numbered as tool 1. This has always worked fine but for no reason sheetcam is now generating a large tool number usually 6 digits. Anyone help me return sheetcam to previous setting ?

When you say you are generating a tool, are you using the ‘PlasmaTool’ plugin or are you manually creating a tool? Either way you should be able to manually change the tool number back to 1.

Always before when I load a dxf file and click update operation a tool shows as T1. I have tried deleting the new/large number but when I load another dxf the large number returns. Can I reload Sheetcam and possibly correct the situation ? Sorry for being so poor with computers. Thank you for replying.

Set up a job using the large tool number then save it (go to File->save job to save it). If you post a copy of that file here or email it to me I’ll take a look and see what is going on.

Sent email. Thank you for helping. For some reason I have had trouble with Sheetcam ever since I updated the last time.

Edit your tool by double clicking on it. Change the tool number to 1 and click OK. Now go to File->save default tool set.
Next time you start SheetCam the tool should still be number 1.

Thank you. That appears to have solved the tool number problem. Should the “Automatically Generate Name” message appear every time I open tools ? I remove the check mark each time. Again I apologize for being so poor with computer use.