Tool names when loading toolset

I’ve run into this issue again, since I reloaded SheetCam on a new laptop. It took me a bit to recall how I fixed it before. I copied my toolset from my old computer and when I opened it in the fresh install on the new computer, my tool names were all different. They are correct in the file when I look at it, but when they load in SheetCam they are all different. It finally dawned on me that there is a setting in the add tool window that says Automatically generate name. Unchecking this and creating a tool before loading a toolset makes the tool names load from the file as expected. I’m not sure why this setting overrides the file settings. It sure is confusing. If this is a global setting, then maybe there should be an option to change it when a toolset is loaded. Good news is it appears to stick after it is changed the first time, and subsequent toolsets retain their tool names.

Edit a tool then turn off ‘Automatically generate name’. Now load your toolset and the names should remain as they were.

Yeah. I figured that out. I just thought maybe it should default to keeping the names in the file, or give you the option when you load the file.

I think I do need to do something about this option - too many people are getting caught out by it.

Glad I’m not the only one. It’s gotten me a couple of times.