Tool cut height and material thickness

I run a plasma table with linuxcnc (emc2) on Ubuntu linux. When I set the cut and pierce height for my hypertherm, I have to reset it each time I have a new material. sheetcam seems to ignore if I am cutting 14 gauge sheet metal, or 1/2" plate. Is there a way to automatically add the pierce and cut height in the tool setting to the material thickness?

Sorry if this was asked before, but searching the forum did not show anything relevant.

Create a library of tools with different settings for different materials. Save the tool set with file->save default tool set. Go to Options->application options->annoying dialogs and turn off ‘Save default tool set’ if it is turned on. Next time you close SheetCam it will probably ask if you want to save the default tool set. Answer no and turn on ‘don’t ask me again’. If you select yes and tellit not to ask you again it will automatically save the tool set every time you close. This can be a bad thing as you could lose you tool set if you load an older job with a different tool set.