THC301d post processor

We have the THC301D and a post processor problem. The “Mach3 plasma” does not referance the thc but keeps the plasma arc firing. The “plasma thc300” does not keep the plasma arc firing, but referances the switch like we need. After about 11inches of travel the torch shuts off with the “plasma thc300”. Can anyone remedy this for us?

Are you sure this isn’t a setup issue? It is very unlikely that a post would make the torch shut off afeter 11" of travel. Do you have the cut height too high? That could cause the plasma power source to shut itself down. With referencing it is quite likely that the actual cut height will be different compared to cutting without referencing.

It could very well be a setup issue. I’m at my wits end been 4 weeks retrofitting a plasma, first 2 weeks was spend with a bad bob that the distributer kept refusing to believe was not working. I’m almost certain the past 2 weeks have also been a waste of time. Working with this thc has really got me questioning it’s reliability too. does anyone have a thc301d working that can give me some kind of answers because the techs with the manufacturer and distributer are useless for help?

After actually getting a hold of someone who knows this thc it turns out it was the thc rate was set too high. Now it seems to be cutting fine. I really wish the guy who sold me this could have figured that out 2 weeks ago.