THC and interference Questions

Hello, I have a home built CNC wood router table and Chinese Plasma Cutter with HF start. I’m considering making a separate plasma table and have a couple of questions. Has anyone had interference issues between their stepper motors and the nearby plasma cutter? And secondly, since this will be a table I’ll use infrequently and cannot justify the cost of a THC, can I perform cutting without one? Is there a work-around?
Thank you for taking the time to help, Vince

Stepper motors are pretty insensitive to noise but you do need to be careful with the wiring between the computer and the drives. Pay careful attantion to earthing and screening. if possible mount the computer and electronics in a metal box. Where the wires exit the box, wrap them around a ferrite ring.

You can cut without THC. You just need to have some way of managing the torch height. If you are cutting thicker materials you may be able to just use a fixed height. Anotehr alternative is to make a guide that touches the surface and holds the torch away by the required amount.

Thank you Les for the helpful information. I assume you mean somthing like this ?