Tabs with ramped End AND Start?


is there a possibility to get Tabs with ramped end AND start?
Because there will always remain little marks when stopping the axis and pulling it up. Not that bad as when plunging in, but anyway there.

When using Tabs with exit ramp the end of the tab-related edge of the material is absolutely perfect, but the start of the tab has a little mark at the edge.

So it would be very nice to have that possibility.

Any chance to get this to work?

Thank you very much and best regards,


A few people have requested this. I have been putting it off because it is quite difficult to implement and I am worried it may break other parts of the path generation code.

But not putting off in terms of giving up, i hope?

I mean, the ramping and the tabs isn’t error-free, too, but still better than no tabs and no ramping

For example, if i ramp in at a flat angle like 10 degrees around a curve and a tab follows immediately, a following finishing path will ignore parts of the ramped entry-move and leave them unfinished

But this happens only once and after i have corrected the entry-angle everything works fine and with a nice finish.

What i want to say is:
It is better having the possibility to do it but having to test it once, than not having the possibility at all

Hey Les,

i was looking around in the “New Features”-Screen on your Homepage, and i found something interesting:

This function is marked as “DONE” ?
So did it work some time ago and now no more?

Best regards,