Tabbing issues

Hi All

When I auto assign tabs the program hangs.

Any ideas?

Can I place them manually?



To place tabs manually switch to tab mode (Mode->edit tabs). Now you should be able to place tabs by simply clicking on the outline. Note that if you have more than one operation you have to have the correct operation selected before you can edit it’s tabs.


Any idea why the program hangs when using the auto tab function?

I tried auto tabbing here and it worked correctly. Could you send me the job file with everything set up just before you try auto placing tabs. I’ll try running your job and see if I can get it to crash.

I found the problem. Thanks. It is a rather obscure one and only shows up if you have a leadin but no leadout. It is fixed for the next release.


Hello All

Any idea why the edit tab check box would be grayed out?

Tabbing is not used on all operation types. For instance drilling and tapping operations don’t support tabs so the option gets greyed out when a drilling or tapping operation is selected.