Switched to UCCNC cuts are weird

Circles look like little pigtails… then the square that should be around circle is cut nowhere near where it should be… it only cuts 3 sides then goes home…also nowhere near where it started…I am confused

Just tried a single circle… it only does half …

Not much information to go on there.

What machine ?
What post processor are you using ?
Post a copy of the file you are importing into Sheetcam
Post the Sheetcam job file
Post a copy of the .tap file that Sheetcam generated.

The more information you give, the better chance you have of receiving some help and getting a solution.

Thought someone may have had a similar issue and easy checkbox fix… its usually something simple…will get those parameters

there are some strange things with uccnc.

basically it does not like complete circles… best to break them into quadrants with the sheetcam switch.


also check your acceleration settings they will be different than mach3 (new software always retune your machine)

and finally check your linear arc tolerance settings. this does not exist in some software’s but can be adjusted via g64 switches in uccnc