Status bar / Report Cut Distance and Pierce Error

Hey Les, something has got to be wrong here. The status bar in sheetcam is showing 4650.72" cut distance and 219 pierces. I ran the distance by hand and through AutoCAD and both got 1234.03" and there are actually 872 pierces.

Interestingly enough, I opened my laser and plasma profiles and both got a significantly different number for the cut distance, but all still show 219 pierces instead of 872 in the status bar. All Job reports show 872 pierces though, but they show the same cut distance as the status bar. Laser shows 1220.08" and plasma shows 1305.92". I would expect some minor difference because of kerf width, but not this much. All path rules are set to none, leadin/leadout/overcut set to 0.

Am I missing something or is there a bug?
Cut Distance and Pierce (819 KB)

If I remember correctly cut distance includes all G1/G2/G3 moves. That includes the plunge to pierce height etc. I’ll look into why the number of pierces is reported incorrectly.

I think that must be where it is coming from, my pierce height is set way too high. Its not used by the post processor, but its throwing off the report numbers. I wouldn’t have thought the plunge from pierce height to cut height would be part of cut distance, but it makes sense as to why it is. I would personally call that feed distance instead of cut distance to avoid confusion. When I think cut distance, I think XY moves on a jet operation.

Let me ask this questions, is the rapid distance the sum of the rapid and the cut distance or just the rapid (G0) distance alone? I feel pretty sure its the rapid alone, but just want to make sure.

It also looks like the tool pierce delay is not being calculated correctly. On this job, 4 seconds should add almost an hour and it is only adding about 10mins. Same with the pause at end of cut. Perhaps I am missing something else again…