Spindle Speed before toolchange

Hi Guys

When I do a manual tool change, the sheetcam generated gcode execute a new spindle RPM and the a stop for the toolchange. So if the new tool has a higher RPM, it will rev up before tool change. How do I change this?


N0160 S13000 M03


N0460 (Part: Shaft Holds)
N0470 (Operation: Spiral pocket, Pockets, T17: Mill/router, 3mm dia, flat, wood, CB, 3 mm Deep)
N0480 S14000 G00 Z25.0000
N0490 M09 (Coolant off)
N0500 M05
N0510 Z40.0000
N0520 X0.0000 Y0.0000
N0530 (Mill/router, 3mm dia, flat, wood, CB)
N0540 T17 M06
N0550 G43 H17
N0560 G00 Z25.0000
N0570 M07 (Mist coolant on)
N0580 S14000 M03

Offending code is in line N0480 “S14000”, because that gets repeated in line N0580, when the spindle starts.

Any help appreciated.

Les, any ideas?

Does anybody else have this?

What post are you using?

Hi Les

I am using Mach3 post processor

Edit the post and look for this piece of code

function OnSpindleChanged()
   post.ModalNumber (" S", spindleSpeed, "0.##")
   if &#40;spindleSpeed <= 0&#41; then
      post.Warning&#40;"WARNING&#58; Spindle speed is zero"&#41;

If you delete it the problem should go away.

Thanks Les

Works fine. I just commented it out.