Small error with the PlasmaRotary Mach3 Post


There appears to be a small error with the PlasmaRotary Mach3 Post. I haven’t quite figured out how to fix it. Here is the file… The problem in red.

N0010 (Filename: PowerSupplyBox.tap)
N0020 (Post processor: PlasmaRotary Mach3.scpost)
N0030 (Date: 06/01/2017)
N0040 G20 (Units: Inches)
N0050 F1
N0060 G53 G90 G40
N0070 G00 Z1.0000
N0080 (Part: PowerSupplyBoxCover)
N0090 (Operation: Outside Offset, DEFAULT, T2: Plasma, 0.029 inch kerf 125 Speed 14Ga. 40Amp Finecut)
N0100 G00 X0.7404 Y21.1304 Z1.0000 A0.0000
N0110 Z0.1500 -----------------(THIS LINE SHOULD NOT BE)
N0120 G28.1 Z0.12 F19.685
N0130 G92 Z-0.0591
N0140 G00 Z0.1500
N0150 M03
N0160 G01 Z0.0800 F80.0
N0170 G03 X0.7687 Y20.9883 I0.0851 J-0.0569 F125.0
N0180 I0.0000 J0.0855
N0190 X0.8199 Y21.0395 I0.0000 J0.0512
N0200 M05
N0210 G00 Z1.0000
N0220 X0.7404 Y9.8804
N0230 Z0.1500 -----------------(THIS LINE SHOULD NOT BE)
N0240 G28.1 Z0.12 F19.685
N0250 G92 Z-0.0591
N0260 G00 Z0.1500
N0270 M03

That is being inserted before every G28.1 and I believe it should only be inserted when there is no G28.1 (reference) The z rapid is down to pierce height.

I believe this is showing up because of the OnRapid. I’m thinking that there should be an “if” statement in that part of the post… Something like if reference distance. is less than xxx … it should either output the z rapid down to the pierce height or do a g28.1 and no z rapid before the g28.1

I hope I explained that well enough!

Jeff Tice

Could you give me a copy of the job file so I can run it hare and see what is going on. Is this on the stable version or the development version?

This is developmental ver 6.1.38 But it also does it in the stable release. It is definitely in the post processor and not sheetcam itself. It should ignore the pierce height move G0z.15 if it is doing a G28.1 Reference. But do the G0z.15 if it is not doing a G28.1 Reference… I tried a few changes in a test post but I’m definitely not a coder! :slight_smile:

Here is the Job file.


Hi Les,

Have you had a chance to. Look at the post?


Jeff Tice

If this helps any, one thing I noticed is when I do a Drill Pierce it works correctly (doesn’t have the extra Z move before the G28.1)

0040 G20 (Units: Inches)
N0050 F1
N0060 G53 G90 G40
N0070 G00 Z1.0000
N0080 (Part: test)
N0090 (Operation: Drill, Drill, T1: Plasma, 3/16 Steel 45Amp Finecut, 0 inch Deep)
N0100 G00 X2.6250 Y3.3750 Z1.0000 A0.0000
N0110 G28.1 Z0.39 F39.3701
N0120 G92 Z0.0000
N0130 G00 Z0.1500
N0140 M03
N0150 G04 P0.6
N0160 G01 Z0.0600 F120.0
N0170 M05
N0180 G00 Z1.0000
N0190 X4.6250
N0200 G28.1 Z0.39 F39.3701
N0210 G92 Z0.0000
N0220 G00 Z0.1500
N0230 M03
N0240 G04 P0.6
N0250 G01 Z0.0600 F120.0
N0260 M05
N0270 G00 Z1.0000

Oops, sorry about that. Give this version of the post a try.

That’s looks like it works perfect!! Thanks!!!