Slowdown when entering obtuse angle (Plasma)

Hello everyone!
I’m experiencing a problem while cutting a 135 degrees obtuse angle.
When it cuts the angle instead of having a nice v shape there is a huge radius in the bottom and
the v shaped should be 3/4 " deep but i’m getting 1/2"

I haven’t found a way to make the plasma slow down when cutting this part of the piece.

It would be much appreciated to get some help. Please.

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

Path rules can be used to slow down for sharp corners. You probably want to use an ‘On all corners’ rule. Take a look at this video for more explanation

Hey Les,
I tried the on all corner rules and whatever the angle I wrote didn’t work.
ex. I wrote 140deg. for it to slow down on a 135deg corner and it didn’t work.

so I tried with 0 deg. and it worked.

Thanks for your time Les and have a nice day.

The angle is the deviation from straight. Try 120 degrees.

I’ve tried 120 and it doesn’t slow down on both side of the obtuse angle.
I think the deviation from the line should be 22.5deg. and at 22deg. in the corner rules it works.
But at 0 it slows down on all corners and I’m fine with that.

I’ve joined 2 pics. one with the 0 deg. rule that works and another with the 120 deg rule which doesn’t.