I have upgraded to sheetcam TNG V7.0.13 is this correct or do I need to use sheetcam TNG Development V7.0.14 ? Still having a problem. Won’t accept dxf followed everything I can read I am pretty sure all settings are correct. Thanks

we went with 7.1.14

Both versions should accept a dxf, if you a willing to upload your dxf I would be happy to take a look & see if I can help…

Thank you for getting back to me. I will have to get someone to help send the file. I have had sheetcam for over a year. It worked fine
till bought the thc with firecontrol. Done all downloads and upgrades now it wont accept dxf. Just dont understand a lot about computers.

When you import a drawing, is the file type set to ‘DXF files’? In windows the file type is usually just above the open and cancel buttons in teh file selector box.